Make Primary Assessment Matter: Tell the new government that you want real change

More Than a Score believes that parents, carers and families have a rich experience of primary assessment, and we encourage MTAS supporters to make their voices heard through the DfE consultation.

We have offered guidance below for the questions that we believe are most important to respond to. You may respond only to these questions, or complete all the questions in the consultation if you wish.

Please do not copy and paste text directly from these notes as identical consultation responses will be disregarded by the DfE.

Click here to respond to the consultation.

Click here to download the MTAS Consultation Response Guidance for Parents .doc file


One thought on “Make Primary Assessment Matter: Tell the new government that you want real change

  1. SATS are not increasing intelligence. They are putting teachers under stress, which leads to poor performance in the classroom. They are adding stress to the pupils, which isn’t appropriate at such an age. The tests don’t reveal the pupils ability, and they aren’t accurate. As a secondary school teacher I see regularly that the results do not represent the pupils. Some of the testing is pointless. Very difficult spellings for example, with no real understanding of what they mean! Teachers should be given the justice and trust of deciding on the child’s ability. These are professionals that are trained!!! Other countries do not have such rigorous testing and still top the league tables.


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