Another voice joins the calls for primary assessment reform

A review of assessment commissioned by education business Pearson has produced an interim report which casts further doubt on the primary assessment system.

The report, Testing the Water, has found:

  • Teachers do not feel their professional judgment is valued highly enough and they are concerned about the impact assessment is having on the curriculum.
  • Children with SEND are put at a disadvantage by an assessment system which does not recognise their capacities and needs.
  • Teachers are concerned about the dominance of assessment-for-accountability.
  • Teachers, parents, governors and pupils all feel anxiety over the impact of high stakes tests.
  • The concerns of government are prioritised over and above the needs of teachers and pupils.

More Than a Score welcomes another voice calling on government to rethink current primary assessment policy. The chorus of unhappy voices continues to grow and the government must listen. The problems are much deeper than the chaos and mistakes of last year; delivering SATs this year without any administrative blunders will not address the problems with the system.

Read the interim report:
Find more coverage of the report in the TES:


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